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Six Families. One Day.

We followed six Aptamil Toddler mums and learned about their daily routines, their aspirations for their children, and the development activities they do with them each day to prepare them for the future.

Your child’s future starts today

From the very first days, your child starts to write their future. That's why you've always given them the best. If you decide to move on from breast feeding, or are mixed feeding, Aptamil Gold+ Toddler helps lay foundations today for your child's future progress.

Our Expertise

With three dedicated state-of-the-art centres globally and over 50 years of research into breast milk, our network of experts across a range of disciplines – including paediatricians, dietitians and scientists – work to support maternal and early life nutrition, as part of our mission of standing by mums to nurture new lives.

Supporting their immune system
and brain development

In the first few years of life, the right nutrition is vital for helping support your child's immune system and brain development. Nothing compares to breast milk to strengthen this growth, which is why Nutricia Research is inspired by breast milk. It strives to understand how Early Life Nutrition plays a role in supporting this development.

Our Range

Driven by our research, our range of premium infant formulas, inspired by breast milk, and toddler nutritional supplements are specifically developed for each age and stage of your child's development.

Our team of experts

For any further questions about baby and toddler feeding and nutrition, our professional team of qualified experts and consultants – including dietitians, nutritionists and midwives – are here to help.

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